Sunday, 6 May 2012

Trekking for girls

I've just come back from a trek to Everest Base Camp.

I know that a mountain path isn't a catwalk, but I think it's still important to look stylish!

Before I started packing I tried to find advice about the essentials for girls - what to wear and how to wear it.  When I couldn't find any blogs, I thought I'd write a little diary so here it is - hope it helps!

Day 1
Kathmandu to Monjo

Wearing: North Face t-shirt, North Face khaki trousers, Marmot gillet, Rab Vapourise jacket.

Plane flight then long walk.  Too many clothes but layers are good.  Jacket spent whole day in rucksack.

Day 2
Monjo to Namche Bazaar

Wearing: Coral Icebreaker T-shirt, Marmot gillet, North Face khaki trousers.

Long walk uphill to Namche Bazaar.  Everest view half way up. When we finally reached Namche it was a massive relief.

Namche has everything you would need to buy

We stayed in Hotel Sherpland.  Needed down sleeping bag over blanket.

Day 3
Acclimatisation day

Wearing: Black North Face trousers, long sleeve black Icebreaker, gillet, Buff scarf.

Walked to Thame village.  Very hard.  After 1 hour wanted to stop and go back.  Needed Buff because of dust.

Day 4
Namche Bazaar to Tashinga

Wearing: North Face trousers, long sleeve blue Icebreaker t-shirt,  gillet,  North Face head band.

Only short walk.  Uphill to start but quite easy after that. Hot.  Could have worn less but long sleeve good for sun protection.  Needed lighter scarf for head.

I have silk glove liners that I wore for burnt hands.  Definitely needed these.

Notes for girls: Take Berocca to get you going in the morning. 

I have my Ugg boots with me - they were a bit of a luxury but they are amazing!!! So warm and comfy.

Also, my friend Alex gave me Eight Hour cream by Elizabeth Arden just before we left England.  It's perfect.  Smells nice, great for my chapped lips, sunburn and eyebrows!!!

Day 5
Tashinga to Pangboche

Wearing: Same trousers, an All Saints navy t-shirt, gillet.

Long walk.  First part all uphill then to monastery.

Very dusty.  I have a Buff scarf to cover mouth but it's too thick.  Buy something that's super sheer so you can breath through it.

Advice: You will constantly be looking for stuff in your bag.  I have North Face Base Camp Duffle (£90). It was worth every penny.  I have a lot of different dry sacs. It would be worth marking them in some way.

Note on day sacs: I had to buy one in Kathmandu as realised looking at other trekkers in the airport that mine would not be big enough.  I've got North Face Recon.  It fits Nalgeen bottles in each side and there are plenty of pockets.

I wore a non-wicking t-shirt today and you can definitely tell the difference.  Doesn't dry quick enough.

Day 6
Short walk to Periche

Wearing: North Face trousers, blue Icebreaker long sleeve, North Face headband.

Eaten: porridge, egg on toast, two pancakes with honey, small twix, egg fried rice, large snickers, noodle soup, fried rice, choccy pud, Coke.

Day 7
Acclimatisation day

Wearing: North Face trousers, blue Icebreaker, charcoal Icebreaker, gillet, Rab vapourise jacket, small gloves.

Day 8
Walk to Dughla

Altitude sickness so have no idea what I was wearing!!!

Day 9
Journey to Lobouche

Wearing: Black trousers, blue Icebreaker, charcoal Icebreaker, Rab jacket, Nepali yak wool hat and gloves.  Had to put down jacket on as it was v cold.

Short walk but headache, dizziness and nausea. 

Still have appetite.  Taking a whole Diamox twice a day now.

Day 10
Walk to Gorak Shep then to Base Camp!!!

Wearing: Black North Face trousers, blue Icebreaker, charcoal Icebreaker, pull on fleece, gillet, Rab jacket.

The walk to Gorak Shep was uphill and windy.  Gorak Shep lodge basic with no sink.

Had lunch then began walk over boulders to Base Camp.  We could see it in the distance.  Everyone says it is a disappointment.  It wasn't to me.  We could see Everest on the way and there were ice structures all around us.  It is literally the end of the valley. 

Day 11
Gorak Shep to Lobouche

Wearing: Same as above minus fleece plus Rab down jacket

Day 12
Lobouche to Pangboche

Wearing: Blue icebreaker, charcoal icebreaker, North Face black trousers,

Day 13
Pangboche to Namche

Wearing: Black icebreaker, gillet, black North Face trousers. 

Day 14
Namche to Lukla

Wearing: Black North Face trousers, black t-shirt, white vest, gillet, straw trilby

Everyone laughed at me for bringing a trilby.  I was right! You just need one that still looks cool after it has been squashed.

Circle scarf from American Apparel also amazing.

  • 8 hour cream
  • Uggs - don't get imitations, they won't keep feet warm
  • An excellent down jacket and sleeping bag (I had Rab)
  • Clean knickers for every day
  • Dark trousers
  • Compeed plasters
  • Lots of ibuprofen (I ran out)
  • Loads of Icebreaker stuff - seriously, it's actually brilliant
  • A little bit of make up - concealer and mascara a must I reckon
  • A comfy but nice jumper you wear in evenings
  • Fleece trousers look a bit rubbish but are v comfy
  • I borrowed my dad's Kindle - hasn't needed charging
  • iPod - I asked friends to do playlists (note: iPods don't seem to like altitude. Mine stopped working above 4600m!)
  • Nordic Walking poles - look up Nordic Walking as an exercise before you go
  • Base camp North Face duffle
  • Stuff sacks
  • Marmot gillet
  • Berocca for drinks
  • Thin gloves to protect hands from sun
  • North Face headband- keeps ears warm and hair under control
  • My friend Jules gave me heat pad things - brilliant when it was freezing

  • Trainers (if you are taking Uggs)
  • Special sunglasses (metal ones fine)
  • You only need one fleece.  I went for a North Face one

Things I wished I had:
  • Perfume
  • Not light khaki trousers - go for darker colour

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gertrude's Blog

Last week Gertrude's Attic was featured by 'Adore by Chloe'.

Here's the link.

And since then I've been asked to supply some pieces for a 1920s photo shoot!  I'll post some pics when I have them.  It's going to be a v busy week!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Agatha, Dorothy and Nancy

Very exciting.... my head pieces are now available to buy in a gorgeous bridal shop...

This is the Agatha Christie:

It's made with a 1920s dress clip.  I LOVE it!

And this is the Dorothy Whipple.  See the gorgeous Art Deco earrings....

See the Nancy Mitford and others at Gertrude's Attic

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pin Ups

I decided I needed a board to pin up all my stuff yesterday but didn't want a boring looking one.... so I made this....

I found some picture frames in my favourite antiques shop in Derbyshire, then used cork inside them. 

I've started to pin a few things up - Gertrude's Attic is definitely filling up now.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty pair

Just bought these lovely art deco earrings from an antiques shop...

Been on a roll this week and made two new fascinators - pics to follow.

Also bought two new Mary's.... see previous entry!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bowler Hats and Mary

I've been to a couple of brilliant antique and vintage shops this weekend.

This is my favourite street... see the arm chair with the bowler hats.

Then I found these... I have a real thing for old Mary statues....

I've collected a few from places I've been.... but this is the biggest collection i've seen together.  Love them.

Will buy one (or two) later.... also bought an old tea pot for £2.80 for a tea party I'm holding next weekend.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I've just spent a silly amount of money on gorgeous feathers.  

Think I have an addiction.  

I even picked some up walking Lulu (my greyhound) this morning.

I've started using these ones to make a fascinator... it's so country!

Pics of the fascinator to follow!